Special Issues

Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems

Applications of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems in Sustainability, Innovation and Economics.

The main themes of the special issue are focused on innovation and sustainability because to have a knowledge driven economy knowledge based organizations are needed. To do that, a variety of disciplines like engineering, management, economics, business, and many more are applied and combined to generate different types of innovation. A common characteristic in the innovation process is the necessity to reduce uncertainties and risks.

The objective of the Special Issue is not only the presentation of new methodologies, but their application in real cases of companies or countries, which serve as a reference to identify the impact of these methodologies and the main benefits they have.

Management Letters / Cuadernos de Gestión

Management, Innovation and Sustainability studies in Small and Medium Enterprises.

All the works must be based on studies carried out in SMEs, since these types of companies are the main engine of work in most countries, and that derived from the adversities brought by COVID-19, different changes have been generated or must be generated within them.

The main objective of this Special Issue is to present a series of contributions for SMEs, where new trends, methodologies and ways of working can be identified that can be replicated in companies from different cities or countries and with that contribute to their survival and internal improvement processes.