Author Guidelines

Please mind the following instructions

VIII – ICONIS is an hybrid (virtual-onsite) conference and the process for submission is the following: 

a) For the conference an abstract of no more of 1000 words will be submitted. Please use the following conference templates:

Note 1. The abstracts that are not presented in this format will not be considered as a submission.

b) The following authorization for publish needs to be attached.

Please note that every author must fill and send this authorization form.

Note 2.  For example, if my paper has 3 authors, then 3 authorizations are needed.

Note 3. Please do not attach your identity documents, this document is not required.

Note 4. If any of the authorizations are missing, the paper will not be published in the conference proceedings.

c) Please send your proposal here:

Send my proposal

d) Please download the oficial ICONIS power point template to prepare your presentation.